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Smart Cash Sheet is the Smartest Way to Manage Your

Personal and Business Budgets

And Stay Ahead of Inflation!

Smart Cash Sheet is an Excel template with a simple cashflow dashboard that makes managing income and expenses a breeze…

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We get it.

Tracking your finances no longer has to be a drag.

The last thing you want to do is spend your time managing finances and boring calculations. It can get confusing and feel like a chore.

CashIntel™ introduces the Smart Cash Sheet to solve questions such as: “Can I afford a new car payment?; Can we go on vacations this year?; How much can I save?; How fast can I pay off my debt? How much money I will need and when?“

It also lets you identify you true household spending limits in different categories such as groceries, entertainment, grooming, etc. so you can adjust your budget.

The Smart Cash Sheet is a tool developed during the recession of 2008 to help businesses handle their most valuable asset: Cash.

It has regained tremendous popularity due inflation with an increasing need for everyone to manage their cash the smartest, simplest way possible.

An easy-to-use tool to get visibility on your income and expenses in a snap!

Get clarity and confidence with your finances.

Cash Dashboard

Making better decisions is easy when you can see everything in a snap!


Anticipates any future cash needs or surplus so you can plan ahead with confidence.

Affordable Subscription

With our membership you have access to clean template with updated dates every month. No contracts!

Easy Set Up

Templates are available for families and individuals. We provide instructional video.

You are In Control

The information that you’ll need is your bills, living expenses and the household income.

Great tool for Needy Families

It is especially helpful to families and folks who are trying to make ends meet living paycheck to paycheck.

Budget Compatible

The Smart Cash sheet is compatible with your existing budget

Get ahead with your cashflow today!


Families and individuals, subscribe today!

Get access to your Smart Cash Sheet template and set it up with your household income and expenses by following written step-by-step instructions and instructional video.

Get access for financial confidence today!

Who Uses CashIntel™?



…love us because we keep all the trainings and tools in one place


…love us because we remove the burden of keeping on top of cashflow.

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…love us because we remove the burden of keeping on top of cashflow.


…love us because we remove the burden of keeping on top of cashflow.

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Even Freelancers!

…love us because we actually make tracking and managing finances fun!

It is your axe—swing it!

I have had the pleasure of using Smart Cash Sheet for several years and it has been nothing short of spectacular. As a small business owner, cash flow is KING and without exception, Smart Cash Sheet allows me to make business decisions based on hard data not on “potential” projections. If you are a small business owner and want to sleep better at night BUY Smart Cash Sheet!

Christian Fitzgerald

The Orion Cooker


Where it began

Find out about the origins of CashIntel™, started by Founder Mari Mandes.

Get ahead with your cashflow today!

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