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Smart Cash Sheet for Businesses

Ideal for small businesses with Accounts Receivables

DIY options coming soon

Projections run for 3 months, 6 months and up to a year

Cash Dashboard

Making better decisions is easy when you can see everything in a snap!


Anticipates any future cash needs or surplus so you can plan ahead with confidence.

Find Surplus Cash

Identify pockets of surplus cash for opportunities to make investments.

Done-for-you Set-up

Get your data and Cash Dashboard set up for you

Assess QDI

Assess the Quarterly Distribution Index or QDI (businesses only).

Budget Compatible

The Smart Cash sheet is compatible with your existing company budget

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Benefits of Smart Cash Sheet

  • Business and individuals alike can use it.

  • It allows for better decision-making involving cash.

  • Anticipates with reasonableness any future cash needs, allowing for planning ahead and strategy implementation.

  • Identifies possible pockets of surplus cash for opportunities to make investments (i.e., buying new machinery, expanding the workforce, etc.)

  • It is a necessary step to assess the Quarterly Distribution Index or QDI (applies to businesses only).

  • The QDI is a suggested owners’ distribution range calculation using SCS.

  • It determines the distribution amount to the owner(s) without tapping into cash needed for operations in the SCS range.

  • Even though distributions can occur at any point in time at the owners’ discretion, a quarterly payout cadence is highly recommended, when possible.

Quarterly Distribution Index or QDI


It is your axe—swing it!

I have had the pleasure of using Smart Cash Sheet for several years and it has been nothing short of spectacular. As a small business owner, cash flow is KING and without exception, Smart Cash Sheet allows me to make business decisions based on hard data not on “potential” projections. If you are a small business owner and want to sleep better at night BUY Smart Cash Sheet!

Christian Fitzgerald

The Orion Cooker

Get ahead with your cashflow today!

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